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Preparing for a Home Inspection

Make sure the inspector has access to all systems and components to the home, including the furnace, water heater, air conditioner units, etc.  Remove any items that may be blocking access to the HVAC equipment, electrical panel, or water heater.  Check that the garage door is open or able to be opened, and make sure that all panels, shutoff valves, and GFCIs are accessible.

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Unlock areas that the inspector needs to access, such as attic accesses, electrical panels, closets, fence gates, and crawlspaces.  Make sure the utility services (gas, water, electricity) are on.  Be sure your pets are secured so they won't be a hinderance to the inspector.  Replace any burned-out light bulbs.


Remove any stored items such as debris or stacked firewood so they don't get marked as conducive to wood-destroying insects.  Trim tree limbs that hang over the roof, vines that are climbing the siding, and shrugs that touch the house.  Attend to broken and missing items such as doorknobs, locks, windowpanes, screens, gutters, downspouts, and chimney caps.

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Thank You from Shepard Home Inspections

We appreciate you taking the time to prepare for our upcoming home inspection.  We promise to be respectful of your home while we are there.  We will keep the area clean, return the thermostat to the setting we find it at, and lock the doors when leaving.  If there are any additional considerations that we need to know, you can contact us directly or you can notify your real estate agent.  Please reach out with any questions, concerns, feedback, or if you want to schedule a home inspection for yourself in the future.

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